HTC Desire ROM being ported to Nexus One

The HTC Desire has the exact same hardware as the Google [GOOG] Nexus One phone although the Desire runs Sense on top of Android to give it an excellent user interface.

As with all things HTC, it wasn’t long before someone got to work on porting the ROM to somewhere else. A user has managed to get the Desire ROM to function on the Nexus One. One problem at the moment is that the ROM doesn’t quite fit for some reason, possibly due to Google slightly modifying the Nexus One code and perhaps not starting from a completely blank start, but with some re-arranging and moving some apps off the system partition the code can now run. The list of what actually works is included over on Modaco.

Some of the features that work include the trackball, hardware keys under the screen, the proximity sensor, light sensor, compass and G sensor.

The list seems to be getting larger as more functions work, so check out the thread linked above follow along. It shouldn’t be too long before instructions are provided to get the Desire ROM on your Nexus One.

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