HTC Desire Z Release Date Getting Closer

Amazon has a habit recently for changing prices of products. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been one device where the price has dropped from a hefty £799 down to £680 and finally down to £599 although the release date has shifted further away.

For those wanting a new HTC Desire Z smartphone, the release date on Amazon has actually moved closer and the price has also lowered giving a bonus on both fronts.

Previously the Desire Z had a release date of October 18 with a price tag of £499.99. We now see that it has changed to October 11 and now has a price tag of £429 which is good news for all interested.

At the £429 price point, the handset is SIM free and will benefit from the first Android updates in the future with it being away from a carrier.

As for the Desire HD, this is also going to arrive earlier on October 11 and will have a price tag of £469.99 rather than £539.99 like previously thought.

If a contract free phone with the higher price tag is not your thing then you also have the option of signing up to a carrier such as Vodafone who will likely offer the smartphone for free on the higher end tariffs. Of course the extra you pay on your tariff does add up to the full price over the 18 or 24 months, if not a little bit more, but it does help you spread the payments out a little.

Via: SlashGear

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