HTC Desire HD Shows up on Amazon, then gets Removed

Official details of the HTC Desire HD have not been made available yet. There is a small possibility that the phone will be revealed on September 15 at an event being held by HTC. This didn’t stop Amazon in the UK posting details about the smartphone (briefly) yesterday. The page is now pulled but it provided a few details about the HTC Desire HD along with a confirmation that it is coming.

Amazon in the UK priced it at £415 which will be off contract and not subsidised. The product was listed with the following title… “HTC 99HLZ001-00 ACE/Desire HD” with the ACE part being heard of before.

A few details we have heard about the HTC Desire HD is that it will have a large 4.3 inch screen and that it will launch with Android 2.2 although that isn’t set in stone just yet.

We’ll get more details to you as we find them!

Via: Gaj-It

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