HTC Desire Z to Cost £430 – Desire HD £470 at

The HTC Desire Z has only just been officially announced. We now have the first prices starting to roll in. The first is from in the UK who have the new Android smartphone priced at £430.

As well as pricing up the Desire Z, Play has also priced up the HTC Desire HD and given it a price tag of £470. Remember that prices quoted on are not subsidised, ie contract free. Expect the prices of these phones to be cheaper if you are willing to sign up for an 18 to 24 month contract.

Elsewhere we also hear that on the Desire Z has a price tag of 549 which makes it 30 more expensive than when the original Desire launched a while back.

Amazon in the UK also has the Desire Z priced. This time it’s £499 with a tentative release date of October 18.

We expect carriers will step up soon with subsidised pricing.

Via: Engadget

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