HTC Desire Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Arrives

HTC has announced that the new update for the HTC Desire has been made available. There’s a problem though as they also announced that a few features might break such as SMS and MMS as explained below:

In addition certain functions may no longer be usable after re-flashing the ROM, including but not limited to MMS and SMS and HTC also disclaims liability for any unusable functions.

The problem with the HTC Desire is a lack of memory according to a Facebook post about the update.

To install the Android 2.3 update (what works of it), you need to download the ROM Upgrade Utility and which when run, will wipe your Desire completely. If you want to backup before doing this then HTC recommends syncing contacts with Gmail and using backup services to keep your other data safe.

Will you be downloading the update for the HTC Desire? We suggest steering away from it for now.

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