HTC Aria Pictured with 4G Connection – Best Buy Mistake

The image here is probably a little small for you to make out, but check out the full version below. What you see is the HTC Aria heading to the AT&T network with 4G enabled. The red arrow points to the icon indicating 4G is active.

However, the HTC Aria is not a 4G phone and AT&T’s [T] network doesn’t have any 4G devices which indicates Best Buy made a bit of a mistake here when creating the image.

The image sits on the front of the Best Buy Mobile Buyers guide.

Although it’s a small mistake that anyone can make and will actually go unnoticed by most people, there are still some who will realise what’s gone on here.

From what we understand, the companies will use stock press photos provided by the company who creates the phone. By mixing them up the wrong way you end up with the HTC Aria 4G in this case.

I doubt Best Buy will pull the buyers guide. Check out the larger version of the image below…

Via: BGR


  1. Actually the Aria is a 4g device and att does support 4g internet with a speed of HSPA 7.2

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