HTC Could Abandon Windows Phone 7 and Android If Needed

In an interesting interview with Pocket-Lint, HTC has indicated that if Windows Phone 7 and Android do not offer the freedom that HTC wants, they could look at other options. Those options could include HTC creating its own OS.

“We will do everything necessary to create the best experience possible. Right now, working with Microsoft and Google is the best approach, but that might not be the case in the futureā€

HTC said its goal was to address the needs of its user. If that freedom isn’t there, Bamford from HTC said that they would use another OS, or create their own.

This is something not to worry about just yet though as HTC believes Microsoft [MSFT] will loosen on the restrictions it currently has in place. As for Android, we’ve been hearing that future versions will be getting more stricter on the customisations.

It certainly would be interesting and worrying at the same time to see what HTC would do with its own OS. The likes of LG and others who create their own generally don’t seem to offer as good a user experience of the main brands.

Via: Gaj-It

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