HP TouchSmart 600 Multi-Touch Tablet Launched

HP has launched the TouchSmart 600 multi-touch tablet PC. The HP TouchSmart 600 runs Windows 7 Home Premium, has a 23 inch 1080p Full HD display and runs Intel Core 2 Duo Processors (or Core i3 and i5).

For connectivity it has WiFi built in as well as a BlueTooth connection.

To make use of the large screen as a TV, an optional TV card can be purchased with the TouchSmart 600 allowing you to tune in to TV channels as well as record them if needed.

Overall it appears to be quite an impressive package. With the added touchscreen it allows (in some cases) easier navigation around the PC and adds an extra layer of control.

Prices for the HP TouchSmart 600 start at £1000 for the basic model with the lowest RAM and processor and go up higher when you add the optional extras on. Full details can be found on the HP site.

Via: Gaj-It

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