HP TouchPad gets CyanogenMod Alpha Release

The HP TouchPad can finally run Android Gingerbread thanks to CyanogenMod 7.1.0. The new update now allows you to install the Google operating system on to the HP TouchPad tablet. Note that this is an Alpha version and that it has been described as very basic and quite buggy. Some features work but a lot doesn’t so before you go ahead and install make sure you can put up with problems.

If you still want to proceed with a buggy version of the OS then expect things to work such as multiboot support as well as multitouch (10 points) and WiFi. CyanogenMod also supports the camera as well as a bunch of other things that either work or kind of work. Although a lot does work, a lot doesn’t work either. A full list hasn’t been created yet as we assume the list is quite large.

The video below gives a demonstration of CyanogenMod 7.1.0 running on a HP TouchPad. Take a look and then visit this site to get instructions on how to install if you are brave enough.

For those unsure of what Android is doing running on the HP TouchPad we might need to remind you here that HP kind of dumped the TouchPad shortly after launch. This inspired a bunch of modders to get working on running Google Android on the tablet allowing some excellent hardware to run a decent operating system. This doesn’t mean that webOS wasn’t good as it was quite the opposite, but thanks to HP just dropping the whole hardware project we quite like the idea of switching to Android on the excellent tablet.

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