HP Slate in High Demand – Six Week Shipping Delays

The HP Slate was first announced at CES right at the beginning of this year. Since then its been canceled, changed to webOS, Android and back to Windows. Now that it has finally launched (in Windows form), we now hear that extraordinary demand has put a six week waiting delay for those who order it today.

Although it takes six weeks to get to you and HP has described it has being in extraordinary demand, its difficult at this time to know exactly what that means in terms of sales. Apple [AAPL] announced along the way how many iPads had sold with that tablet device quickly reaching 1 million. However, HP could have made far less units and had problems for a real lack of units to sell.

An interesting update at Engadget makes mention that HP was only going to be building 5000 units as a limited production run. When the pre-orders opened up, 9,000 were ordered which is obviously a little higher.

We’ll find out more over the coming weeks we believe and will get the 5000 unit clarified if possible.

Via: Engadget


  1. I’m sorry – precisely *when* was it ‘cancelled’?

    HP never said any such a thing. You’re quoting one single article written by Michael Arrington based on an unconfirmed anonymous ‘source’. HP also never said they were making an Android slate. They ARE making a WebOS slate, but that’s their consumer product and won’t be out until next year.

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