HP Printers to get Email Addresses

HP [HPQ] is expected to announce a new range of printers that will each be capable of having an email address. The idea sounds crazy until you look in to what capabilities that will give the printer.

Right now we live in an age where we carry an iPhone, iPad and other devices such as Android phones. Sometimes we want to be able to print but don’t have the necessary cables to do so. If a printer has an email address, you can simply forward the document to that email address, have the document load up on a small screen, check the formatting and hit print.

We are hearing that when the printers launch they will cost in the region of $99 to $400 depending on which model you choose. However, nothing is known yet about the printers other than they can receive emails and print out the documents. We suspect that the higher the price the larger the screen and the more abilities it will have possibly with the lower end not being able to handle attached documents for example.

Another feature that could be included is the ability to connect the printer to Google Docs so spreadsheets, PDF’s and word documents can be printed if needed.

Although it seems aimed at the iPad/iPhone generation, perhaps this is more inline with what Chrome OS is doing from Google [GOOG] in that we’ll see that cloud based printing service being expanded on a little. That service from Google will be called Google Cloud Print.

We should get a press release soon that will provide all the details we need. It all sounds very interesting though!

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