HP Pavilion TX1000 Tablet

HP TX1000 Tablet
The HP Pavilion TX1000 is a tablet PC which has some great specs. It boasts 2GB of RAM, an AMD Turion 64×2 dual core processor and an NVidia Graphics card. This is enough power in the tablet to run Vista Ultimate Edition. With it being a tablet PC the screen is on a hinge which swivels 180 degrees allowing you to use the tablet PC as a tablet or a laptop with the full keyboard. The TX1000 makes use of sensors to see which mode you are in and can rotate the screen automatically to suit what you are doing which is a nice feature and a small time saver. The 12.1 inch screen is bright and is also a touch screen as can be expected from a tablet PC as input from a stylus is necessary.

Weighing just 4 pounds it is fairly light weight. This weight includes the battery which provides 2 hours of battery life which to be fair, isnt that great, but isnt that bad either. We assume by being careful with screen brightness and wifi usage that this could possibly be increased.

As well as being a regular tablet PC it is also designed to be a media player with users in mind. As such, it has two headphone jacks so that on plane journeys 2 of you can watch a movie together on headphones.

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