HP Mini 110 gets a new HD 1366 x 768 Upgrade Option

HP have added an upgrade option to the HP Mini 110 in the way of a HD display. The new display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and costs just $30 to upgrade which isn’t bad at all.

The new screen is an anti-glare sort just like the previous version but of course, now in HD.

The HP Mini 110 costs $329.99 at it’s base price, so adding another $30 to that isn’t bad at all. Another good thing is that you can also get $30 off through a discount voucher bringing the price back down to normal.

Check out the full details at Portable Monkey which also has the details about the discount codes.

Via: Engadget


    >>>> HP 110 1366×768 option taken away as of 7/26/2010 and their NEW motherboard is ONLY capable og 1G of RAM that’s it nice resurrection of an old model and then selling a good version until the 3rd generation of it is a piece of junk for NO ONE to waste their $299 on.
    They offered the 2G RAM capable one with 1366×768 for less than 50 days.
    They say they change their products frequently and that it’s too bad…as often as every 20 days!
    I will go with Vaio which is lovely reliable and all without glossy screens like the hideous glossy heavy bad battery life of the HP fleet (their batteries have only 90day warranties even with new PCs and their batteries are very inwefficient and die in a year or less)

    They’ve fully become a crappy outsourced company they have become — mostly crappy notebooks (all glossy except 1 ‘special edition’ of a dv6) and more hardware that stinks like bad blurtooth headsets — plastic glossy fully Chinese and cheap not like the Pavilion tanks of the past. Their netbooks and notebooks are way behind the sleekness and efficiency and capability of more well thought-out other evolving brands. HP is stuck . And they are as consistent as their Chinese corporate masters allow them to be. OK onto the Samsung N150 reviews,,,,,,,BYE HP i will buy again when you are not selling 99-cent-store plastic glosst fingerprint gathering 1Gig Ram capacity computes in July 2010. What a tricky company be careful if you order from them until hopefully they get their act together.

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