HP ePrint Ready for Google Cloud Print

HP has launched a range of new printers that are now compatible with Google Cloud Print. Although Google Cloud Print has been available in the past for other printers, these required an intermediate config using Chrome, to get them to work.

HP has now launched ePrint which is a system that more seamlessly integrated with Cloud Printing in that these printers don’t need to be connected to a computer to work. The new printers from HP, allow users to connect up to their Google account and then print to those printers from a wide variety of places. To print, all you need is to do is load up a supporting app, such as Gmail and then choose to print to your HP printer. As it also works with mobile versions of Google Docs and Gmail, it also allows you to easily send something to print while you’re traveling to the office.

The full details of which printers are compatible can be found over on the HP website.

With HP ePrint-enabled printers and Google Cloud Print, it just got easier to print from your mobile device. All you need is the cloud—no drivers, no PC connection, no additional software. Google Cloud Print is supported by HP’s ePrint mobile printing portfolio, enabling you to print where life and business happens.

If you don’t have a HP ePrint printer but still want some of the benefits of cloud printing, visit the Google page for Cloud Printing and follow the instructions on how you can get it to work with your current system.

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