HP Envy 14 Coming Soon

HP-Envy-14A user over on the notebookreview forums spotted a page on the HP site listed the name of the HP Envy 14. If you are wanting a HP Envy notebook sometime soon then it might be worth holding off to see what the Envy 14 has that the 13 and 15 don’t. The file on the HP site indicates possibly two models as listed below…

SysName62=HP ENVY 14-1000
SysName63=HP ENVY 14-1000

Right now there is only speculation on the forums about what will be included in the HP Envy 14 with one user suggesting the following… “Lets hope has battery life that can match the Envy 13 but maybe a dual core i5/i7(hopefully a quad core i7 or if possible a mobile quad core i5?), and i’d be even content with ATI 4330 gpu.”

No official details are known just yet, but according to Engadget, notebookreview have a good track record of finding information and so for now, all we can rely on is that we will see an Envy 14 sometime soon.

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