HP EliteBook 8740w Announced

HP have made the HP EliteBook 8740w official now by making an announcement. The new laptop built by HP is quite a beast of a laptop in terms of processing power.

The HP 8740w is powered by either an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. Has either an ATI FirePro M7820 or an NVIDIA Quadro FX GPU installed which both have 1GB of DDR3 memory installed. A 320GB hard drive spinning at 7200rpm can be found inside. The display on the 8740w measures 17 inches and is classed as a Dreamcolor display (although that is an optional upgrade). DreamColor is capable of displaying more than 1 Billion colours which HP say is 64 times more than other screens.

Support for up to 16GB of memory is available for the laptop. A USB 3.0 connector can also be found on the laptop allowing for highspeed transfers between compatible USB 3.0 devices.

An optional backlit keyboard can be selected when purchasing the laptop which HP also mention is the first time an EliteBook variation has received this option.

The HP EliteBook 8740w is potentially a powerful machine if you opt for all the optional extras although a hefty price tag is also associated with this power with prices starting at $1999 going all the way up to $3899 for the top spec version. If you need power in a laptop form factor though then the EliteBook appears to be an excellent option although it’s always best to wait for full reviews when ordering any laptop at this price.

Via: OhGizmo and BusinessWire

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