HP Buying HyperSpace Quick-boot Software

Just recently HP purchased Palm so that it could use webOS integrated in to it’s systems. We now hear that they are purchasing some software called HyperSpace for around $12 Million.

HyperSpace is an operating system that allows users to quick boot. It is developed by Phoenix Technologies and is based around the Linux OS. What makes the software stand out is that it can boot in to the OS and launch a program such as Skype within 10 seconds which is quite impressive considering that software loadup is from hitting the power button on the laptop or PC.

$12 Million isn’t a lot compared to the $1.2 billion HP spent on Palm but the software if used correctly will be a big benefit to HP in that systems will be able to boot far quicker than they currently do.

Terms of the agreement are not known at the moment, so it’s hard to say right now if HP will be charging current clients who use HyperSpace.

Via: Liliputing

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