HP Accelerometer is 1000X more Sensitive

HP have created a new accelerometer that’s 1000 times more sensitive than current devices mass-produced today.

The sensor is for a project they call HP CeNSE which means Central Nervous System for the Earth that will use billions of sensors dotted around the works to sense what is going on around the world at any given time.

When produced in large quantities, it is expected that the sensors will actually be quite cheap to make and could assist companies such as Shell Oil in finding oil reserves around the world.

Although the full extent of what the information can be used for is unknown at the moment, being able to track everything around the world will result in a mass flood of information which can then be used to spot various trends for whatever they are recording.

It’s unclear if this more accurate sensing technology will become common place in the future as in showing up in regular mobile phones and games consoles for example, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

Take a full read of what HP want to do over here.

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