Hotmail to get Active Sync Support

Hotmail is set to get an update either today, or sometime this week that will bring IMAP to the web based email service.

What this will do is give users the ability to sync up in Outlook with what’s in a hotmail account. This sync will work both ways meaning that any other emails that you have in Outlook could be uploaded to Hotmail and vice versa.

The other sync features work when you send emails or move them around on either the web based version, phone version of in Outlook. Each of them will be able to keep in sync with each other giving you the ability to manage your email from any device you connect via IMAP with.

The system works over Active Sync which from our understanding, will prevent those who use Exchange server from using it although if you are using Exchange then you might not need to sync with Hotmail as well.

As well as working with Outlook and other Windows devices, it is also compatible with the Palm Pre, iPhone 4 and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Via: Geeky Gadgets Source: CNET

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