Hornby Digital Sound Spruces up the regular Train Set

Hornby, the train set makers, have created Hornby Digital Sound that brings locomotive noises to each individual train. The old system made it’s sounds from a single box located near the model railway tracks, but now each train that has the Hornby Digital Sound system built in has it’s own speaker that can emulate sound far better.

The trains also have a system built in that can change the sound effects as they travel around the track. If the train goes through a tunnel then the noise will be more echoed just like it would should a full sized train go through a tunnel.

Several new trains have the new Hornby Digital Sound system already installed which includes the LNER Herring Gull class A4 that costs £234.99. Others include the Diesel Electric Class 50 Illustrious that costs £209.99 and finally the Diesel Electric Class 60 The Hundred of Hoo that costs £209.99. Various models are available at Amazon that also are a little cheaper in price.

The trains work out of the box and require no special equipment. Sounds were recorded from the full sized versions where possible and synthesised where not.

Via: Pocket Lint

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