Horizon MiniPak Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charger

The Horizon MiniPak is a portable fuel-cell charger that can be used to power mobile phones and other similar devices while on the move.

The device costs $100 and provides enough power to keep devices charged. The unit accepts fuel cells and once inserted in to the charging unit, power is instant. The power generated it output through a standard USB port built in to the device and this USB port is used to connect devices such as an iPhone, BlackBerry and other devices including tablet.

With the device using fuel-cell technology the device can generate power as soon as the fuel cartridge is topped up or replaced. There is no need to wait around to use the charger as power is instant the moment fuel is inserted in the cartridge.

The MiniPak is capable of providing 1.5 to 2W of continuous power and the fuel cell’s used can produce 12Wh of energy.

The MiniPak uses a combination of Horizon’s mass-produced PEM fuel cells and a new low-cost metal hydride storage solution, which is able to store hydrogen safely as a dry, non-toxic and non-pressurized material. The fuel cartridge contains a metallic sponge that is able to absorb hydrogen and turn it into a solid hydride. It is then able to release it back to the fuel cell when needed. The PEM fuel cell combines oxygen from the air with the stored hydrogen – electricity via its USB port and trace amounts of water vapor.

The Horizon MiniPak is available now with full details available over here on the official site.

Via: Gizmag

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