Hong Kong Sells out of iPhone 4S Pre-orders Within 10 Minutes of Launch

Hong Kong seems to have taken the record for how quick a smartphone can sell out of pre-orders. In the case of the Apple iPhone 4S it took just 10 minutes for Apple to sell all available pre-orders. Most countries usually see a few hours worth of sales before the launch date shipping estimation suddenly changes to 1 to 2 weeks.

What we don’t know is how many iPhone 4S units will be shipping to Hong Kong. It could be that there is a lack of stock planned to be delivered or that the country is just extremely excited about getting the 4S when it launches in a few days time.

On November 11 the iPhone 4S will go on sale in 15 countries (including HK).

Hopefully come launch day there will be plenty of stock around for those who want to purchase the smartphone on day of launch.


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