Hollow Spy Coins

hollow_spy_coinsThese Hollow Spy Coins have a large enough secret compartment that they are capable of squeezing a tiny memory card in to them. Each coin is precision hand milled so that the memory card can fit right in.

When the memory cards are closed up they look just like regular coins. These are ideal for hiding memory cards should you be in spy-mode and what to hide your precious images captured, or if you just want to keep your memory cards safe.

Hollow Spy Coins Product Features

* Actual coins are precision hand milled to create a secret compartment inside
* Half dollar has enough room for a micro SD card (not included)
* Store secret microfilm or tiny notes
* Included “unlocking ring” allows coins to be opened
* Indistinguishable from regular coins when closed

The Hollow spy coins cost from £20.99 – $24.99 depending on what size of coin you get.

Product Page Via: TecheBlog


  1. A very clever idea, as long as you don’t spend them by accident! I wonder if they plan to make euro or pound versions of these?

  2. walking liberty half dollar says

    These are really looking just stunning. And these coins really makes my collection great. I have a large collection of different world coins. But I haven’t seen this one. These coins are really looking just fabulous. And the information about that are really informative.

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