Hitachi Electronic Blackboard

electronic-blackboardHitachi have created an electronic blackboard. This version is a new and improved version of the PX-DUO-50 that was transformed.

The electronic blackboards have PC’s built in and use 2 infrared cameras and a lens that has a viewing angle of 170°. The infrared cameras allow the screen to be touched and the co-ordinates detected and fed back to the PC which then updates the display.

The screen measures 50 inches and due to the large field of view on the cameras, other size screens can also easily be switched in place unlike the previous versions which used a smaller field view.

The electronic blackboards are designed for schools and will cost ¥700,000 (about $7500 USD) when launched next month.

Via: Techon


  1. Looking forward to explore electronic board opportunities in Indian environment, need more information

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