High Speed Book Scanner

book-scannerThis high speed book scanner uses a camera that captures pages at 1000fps as they turn. A system built in allows it to automatically correct any distortion to the text due to the page bending as well as light differences due to shadows etc…

The process if it takes off could be used to speed up the process of scanning books to be used as eBooks.

The camera uses lights connected to a synchronized control circuit and a laser range projector to estimate the three-dimensional page geometry. This allows it to correct any distortion from the page being turned while at the same time flashing it with uniform, ideal lighting. The 3D data can even be reproduced on a computer. The system could theoretically be used for color copying as well, but the current quality of the scanning data still requires some improvement. Google has been digitizing books and a system has been developed to automate page-turning to reduce the human labor component in this time-consuming, expensive line of work.

It looks like a great system and would be good to see a video of it in action. Via: PlasticPals

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