Henge Dock for MacBook Pro

The Henge Dock is designed to hold a MacBook or MacBook Pro and allow it to be connected up to an external monitor.

The dock has all cables attached to it so that when docking the device it automatically connects up to your external screen.

Henge Dock has been made compatible with several MacBook Pro models which includes a 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch unibody varients as well as the regular MacBook. Please note that each model variant needs a slightly different dock as the one dock only fits the MacBook is was designed to fit.

Connections on the dock include Ethernet, USB and audio as well as another model available with a Firewire port.

Henge Dock has also been made quite flexible in that you can easily add and remove the ports you want to access. Should you not want a wired Ethernet connection then you can remove that particular connection from the dock as illustrated below.

The Henge Dock starts at $59.99 with full details available here.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. This should work, go down to the system tray and find the monitor with the wireless going out and right click it and left click repair. I think it should work because I have been doing this to my computer. Good luck.

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