Heart Beat Mouse

Heart Beat Mouse

Monitor your health while online

Apparently when you work on the computer, it isnt as relaxing as you think. The heart beat mouse intends to tackle the problem of not looking after your health. It has a sensor on the right button and I believe one inside which measures your heart beat while you are working away. If your heart rate is not ideal then it will tell you to take a break. It appears that the sensor on the right button is used for measuring light conditions to make sure it isnt too light or dark in the room while you are working. The heart beat sensor can measure from 30 – 200 BPM and the light sensor can measure 50 – 700 lumens. The software on the PC allows you to configure it so you can email your Dr your statistics so that he can demand you come see him if you are not too healthy.

Not wireless

The heart beat mouse is not wireless and requires you connect it via USB. This isnt a huge problem though as many people are still used to using corded mice.

Via: Gadgets.in


  1. Toy Knowledge says

    This is a cool mouse for sure, I though had seen it all until I saw this one

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