Heads Up Display for your Car – The HG400

hg400-heads-up-displayThe HG400 is a Heads Up Display (HUD) that sits on the dashboard of your car and projects your speed and a compass on to the windscreen. The device is capable of showing either MPH or KPH units and also features a speed alert function to let you know when you are going over a pre-defined speed.

The HUD is powered by your cigarette lighter socked and the device costs $149.95. It’s a handy device to have that allows you to keep your eyes where they should be, on the road. The HG400 also has bluetooth built in allowing it to be connected to a smartphone, PC, laptop or PDA.

The HG400 is available from SkyMall.


  1. Net Success says

    Cool product! I need to get one of these for my car, HUDs would look cool and help your driving.

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