HDD Prices Rising

The price of hard disk drives is increasing due to the flooding in Thailand. The floods caused problems which has caused a shortage of HDDs which in turn has increased the pricing.

One example shared is of the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200 RPM 3.5 inch model. The price has almost tripled since the flood. Originally it was priced between $50 and $60 but has now jumped up to $139.99. This is just one example of a drive that has increased in price.

This type of price rise obviously comes to a higher price of the problems the floods have caused and the lives changed. We’ll likely see other prices rise.

Between October 15th and 21st, water penetrated the Bang Pa-in Industrial Park, the Navanakorn Industrial Park (the largest of its kind in Thailand), and the Bangkadi Industrial Park.

Seagate didn’t have a factory in any locations that saw problems although component shortages are now causing issues for them. The above three mentioned locations house factories for Western Digital and Toshiba who have seen production cease in these locations.

Price rises are also seen on the following drives:

1.5TB from $47/TB to $93/TB, +100%
2TB from $40/TB to $72/TB, +80%
3TB from $67/TB to $87/TB, +30%

The shortage is expected to last at least 2 quarters which takes us to about April next year. Till then, expect to be paying more for some of your storage needs.

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