Hand Crank and Solar Powered Lamp

This lamp features a bright LED light that provides bright light. It is powered by both solar power and a hand crank to allow it to be used even when no sun light is available to charge it up. As well as lighting up it also serves another purpose in that it is equipped with a mobile phone charging port.

Hand Crank LED Lantern Features:

* Six high brightness LED lights with life more than 10,000 hours
* 3 LEDs / 6 LEDs mode
* Efficient Polysilicon Solar Panel
* Useful double charging methods: Solar and crank dynamo
* Crank dynamo mobile phone charging for emergency use
* Solar charging time: around 6 hours
* Dimension: 18.5 cm x 8.3 cm
* Product Weight: 210g

The lamp costs $34.99 and is available over at GizFever.



  1. Screen Sleuth says

    $35 is a bit excessive for this; should be $20.

  2. Electronic Gadgets says

    This version is a little bigger than most out there. If it will last longer the extra money may be worth it.

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