Haier P7 Pen Phone – Weird

Haier P7
Haier have created the P7 pen phone. I must admit, I have no clue who Haier are but thats beside the point. The Haier P7 is a fully functional mobile phone which has a ton of features crammed in to it. The first thing you will notice is that its a weird shape and is aptly named the Pen phone. I guess the reason for this is so you can clip it on your shirt pocket? maybe? The P7 included a digital camera, 90 minute voice recorder, an LCD display and has a standby time of about 150 hours. Talk time for this phone is around 4 hours which is acceptable. Apart from that its just a unique and fairly weird phone.

Back a few years when it was launched it cost around $400 but now I suspect it will be a tad cheaper with it being 2007 now.

Via: T3

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