Griffin iTrip 2G and iTalkPro

iTrips are handy little devices that connect to your iPod and transmit an FM signal to a nearby radio. This cuts out the need for cables and allows you to more easily use it in your car. The first iTrip was quite fiddly to work with as you had to download a ton of MP3s from the CD which contained beeps and then play the corresponding beeps for the frequency that you wanted. The iTrip 2 has solved this problem by having an LCD screen on the device and a small switch to the side which can be used to scroll through the frequencies. An extra assistance is given in finding a clear more available frequency which comes in handy for those in a city where a lot of radio stations are broadcasting and filling up the frequencies. The iTrip is available in black and white and is also available for the Nano.

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Read on for the iTalk.

The iTalkPro allows you to use your iPod to record your voice for memo and note taking. It has 2 microphones built in so that stereo recordings can be made. If you prefer to use a more professional microphone then the iTalk has a 3.5mm jack to connect an external one to. The 3.5mm jack does not need to be used just for a microphone. It can record from any source that can connect to it allowing you to capture music, audio and anything that you wish to be on your iPod. Overall it appears to be a great looking gadget.

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