Great Little iAudio 7 DAP Player

Cowan iAudio 7
The iAudio 7 DAP player has been released by Cowon. You may have seen them before with the ever creative iAudio 6 player. The screen is just 1.3 inches making the player very small. The screen can be display 260k colours. It now uses flash memory (8GB) rather then the 0.85 inch disk drive in version 6. Support has been added for FLAC and OGG. What impresses me most, other then the looks of the device, is that it has a lithium polymer battery which will last 60 hours. The DAP can be charged via USB which is great if you are out and about travelling. The iAudio 7 player will set you back $246 for the 8GB flash version.

The Cowon iAudio 7 is something else that will be added to my want list. I am not quite sure when it will be available but the Cowon website is up to date in general, so I dont expect it to be too long before it is announced ready for sale.

Via: Engadget iAudio 7

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