GPush brings Push GMail to iPhone

GPushGMail users currently cannot have their email pushed to the iPhone. According to TechCrunch, that is about to change (hopefully). I add the hopefully because the software to do this, named GPush, has not been approved by Apple as of yet. is now available for download at the app store.

The GPush application is very simple for the user and all the user has to do is enter their GMail username and password. Once that is complete then they never really need to look at the 99 cent application again (unless wanting to log in as a different GMail user).

GPush works by using the IMAP IDLE function which GMail supports. For some reason the iPhone doesn’t use this in the OS 3 firmware. By using this function it allows the iPhone to use GMail just like the Palm Pre and Android based phones.

IMAP IDLE is not the best function to use, but from tests over at TechCrunch it actually seems to work quite well. There is about a 10 – 30 second delay from when you send the email to it showing up on your phone which isn’t too bad.

The main problem now is getting Apple to approve it. From the outside it appears to be completely compliant with both Apple and Google’s TOS but that doesn’t always mean an app will be approved. – Update: The application was approved and is available for download now.

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