GPS with Complete Coverage Anywhere – U-Blox

u-blox is releasing a new GPS chip which boasts 100% road coverage even in the most challenging GPS signal environments. The TIM-4R has dead reckoning technology which I will explain shortly. The u-blox has a 16 channel ANTARIS 4 positioning engine. It is this engine that ensures uninterrupted positioning where previously this was not possible. To add to this ability, the chips use less power consumption then other GPS chip sets.

Dead Reckoning is a technology that uses additional sensors that can detect the distance travelled with an odometer and gyroscope. This then can be put together with the last good signal (for example you enter a tunnel) and can predict where you
are in the tunnel due to the gyroscope measuring when you turn the vehicle.

Dead reckoning is great for those who need 100% accuracy with GPS such as emergency services as sometimes they need to go through situations where a signal is just not possible.

Hopefully this GPS chipset can live up to it’s standards and deliver what it promises. I have to admit that I am looking forwards to this solution.

Via: u-blox


  1. This is a pretty cool device!

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