GPS Rear View Mirror

GPS Mirror Radar
Checking your rear view mirror when driving is what most of us do quite regularly. A company has come up with an idea which includes GPS information in the mirror for feeding back information to you such as speed traps, speed limits and accident black spots. This is idea as it takes advantage of your quick glance in the mirror to check behind. As well as showing details of those 3 items, it can also display speed and what direction you are heading. I am not sure if the GPS unit is used to just track the things mentioned here, or if it is programmable. Either way it looks like a cool optional extra for your car.

The mirror costs $300 which could be a fairly good price depending on how much more the GPS can do. If it just tells you basic data then I personally wouldnt buy one. However, if it could give turn by turn instructions as well as showing speed traps, cameras and black spots then it might be worth my investment.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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