GooPs – Track yourself on Google Earth

Google GPS
Since the launch of Google Earth, we have been able to see satellite images of the earth, quite often in high detail and zoom in and out of a 3D environment. A few years back this would have cost a lot of money to have access to something like this. Mixing Google Earth with a GPS receiver, laptop and some free software you can get a very powerful in car/portable mapping system in seriously cool detail. The software you can use is called GooPs which allows you to interface the GPS device with Google Earth. Once connected and paired via Bluetooth you can fire up Google Earth and track where you visit. Another excellent feature is the caching feature of Google Earth which allows you to put it up to 2Gb. You can then zoom in to the city or place you want to visit and then use the cache to have access to the software while on the road.

The tracking software can be colour coded to show speed increases and other things. Overall it’s a very nice and very affordable solution.

Via: KK


  1. I’ve been trying to set this up since this morning on my phone. It keeps asking me to enable bluetooth but somehow I don’t really understand why? I thought only fast internet access is required? Thanks for the information.

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