Google Wave now Available for Everyone

Since it’s launch, Google Wave has been an invite only service. Google [GOOG] has now announced that Google Wave is open to all and available without an invite.

To access the service you need to visit where you can sign right in with your Google username and password (assuming you have one). If not, just create a new account and start using the services.

We began previewing Google Wave with individuals and a handful of Google Apps customers six months ago. Since then, Wave has been used in a great many interesting ways. It’s clear from the invaluable feedback we’ve received that Wave is a great place to get work done, in particular for teams working together on projects that involve lots of discussion and close coordination.

The video below shows what Google Wave is and what can be done with it. In summary, the service allows you to collaborate with other Wave users and discuss in real time projects which are then recorded as you type. The service allows you to quickly add contacts as well as send out invites to users to join in the work you are doing.

Via: Google

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