Google Voice Search now understands Mandarin Chinese on Nokia S60 Phones

google-voice-searchGoogle have announced that their voice search software now understands Mandarin Chinese on Nokia S60 phones allowing Google to move in and grow their search business in that area of the world.

The software is currently capable of understanding various English accents and also a few Mandarin accents although not all just yet. As well as working on the Nokia S60 range of phones, Mandarin voice search will also come soon to Android based phones as well as the iPhone in China.

Google admit that the software might not be as polished as English versions of the app, but that it is working at an acceptable level for release on S60 phones.

Over the next few months the software should eventually be able to track more accents like the English speaking version of the software does, and when that happens there are a lot of subscribers to mobile phone networks due to the massive population in China that could potentially search Google by voice.

Via: Coated and SearchEngineLand

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