Google Voice Search gets another 13 languages added

Google Voice Search now works in 13 more languages thanks to an update by Google [GOOG]. In total that makes the software support 42 languages which are found in 46 countries.

Over the last few years, Google has wanted to make search far quicker. On the desktop and mobile they introduced instant search where you type a search and the results are updated real-time, without hitting enter. Also to speed up search they added voice search so that you can say something rather than type it as this is also generally quicker for most people.

Google commented in a blog post that 100 million new speakers are now able to use Google Voice Search with this new update. The 13 languages are as follows:

European Portuguese

Google works in a number of ways to add new languages to Google Voice Search. Depending on the language they could programatically add the language and in some cases they need to get a native speaker of a language to say thousands of phrases and then use algorithms and AI to piece other words together automatically.

The application is now available for a number of Android smartphones. If you run Android 2.2 or later you can simply hit the microphone where ever you see it although your language does need to be set within the settings as Voice Search only works with one language at a time.

Google has also commented that they crowd source data from the app which means that the more people who speak a certain language, the better it becomes as it learns dialect, accent and various other things about a language.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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