Google Voice Integrated with Sprint

Google and Sprint is partnering up to bring a seamless integration of Google Voice to Sprint users. The new service will allow Sprint users to use Google Voice features without porting their number over, or changing their number.

What this allows users to do is take advantage of all the features that GV offers, such as low cost international calls, one number for many devices as well as transcribed voice mail. When someone calls a sprint number, the office phone, home phone and Gmail account. You can fully configure this so that depending on the time of day, you can set a different phone to ring.

To sumarize the changes, Google is allowing Sprint users to have all the benefits of Google Voice without having to change phone numbers.

The service is rolling out in the US soon and eventually, it will roll out to all Google Voice users from what the official Google blog indicates.

The video below gives a quick run down of what Google Voice will bring to Sprint. It also provides some instructions on how to make the switch over, when available.

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