Google Voice Desktop Petition Started – Users Want it!

Last week, TechCrunch managed to get hold of a Google Voice Desktop client that allows users to log-in and make calls direct from their desktop in a similar way to how Skype and other services work. The downside of this is that Google [GOOG] apparently want to keep the software web-based rather than offering a downloadable software package.

Someone has created a petition over at that aims to collect half a million virtual signatures in an attempt to prove to Google that users want it. We are not sure if it will make any difference or not, but the software is certainly handy to have for those who use Google Voice and often work from a desk with a computer.

Right now there have been 2619 people who have signed the petition, so there’s a long ways to go. If you want to sign it then head on over to the link just above and fill in the required details.

Via: Coated

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