Google Voice for Android gets Faster Notifications on new Update

Google [GOOG] have released an update for their Android based Google Voice App which now brings more speed to notifications of messages. Previous versions of the Android Google Voice app had updates set to arrive every 15 minutes by default. The quickest you could get notifications was 5 minutes if configured that way, or manually if you wanted to tap an update button every minute on the screen.

The new version now uses push to notify you with in seconds of receiving a text message or voice mail to your Google Voice number. The new feature is called Inbox Synchronization.

The service does need to be activated in the Google Voice settings for it to work. To make the change simply go to G Voice, hit settings, refresh and notification where you have the option of instant updates. When the option is disabled Google Voice will also automatically disable SMS forwarding to prevent you getting messages at the same time on your phone.

Speed increases have also been included in the latest build with the software reacting better to screen touches when contacts are viewed. Also the option of clicking on a contact photo is now available where you can tap the photo to send them a voicemail, email or IM.

Right now the app is only available for users in the US, but is available for download now from the Android Market. You also need to have a Google Voice account set up to use the service.

Via: Pocket Now and Google

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