Google URL Shortner Now Makes QR Codes

Google [GOOG] has formally launched its URL shortening service called What this does is allows you to shorten a long URL down to just a few characters to make it easier to share a URL on social networking sites like Twitter.

A handy “Easter Egg” style feature has also been included with the new shortener. What the new feature allows you to do is automatically create a QR code for the shortened URL by simply adding .qr on to the end of any shortened URL.

The new feature isn’t actually new though and has been around for a while from what we understand. The feature will come more mainstream now though because of the launch of to the public.

Ideas for using QR codes include mobile phone usage. If you have a printed document with a QR code on it, a mobile phone user could capture a picture of it and be taken to your web address.

Via: TechCrunch

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