Google Update Mobile YouTube Service

For those who use an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can now access YouTube more easily through the mobile browser. Google [GOOG] has announced a new update to that brings more features to the small screen.

New features include a faster browsing experience along with a new designed UI that has large and touch friendly elements making it more easy to control. Search query suggestions have been added along with the ability to create playlists, designate favourites as well as like and unlike options for videos.

Also the new site also follows more closely with the desktop version. When changes happen to the large site they should shortly after be added to the mobile site making your mobile browsing experience match more closely with the desktop version.

After a few quick tests here on an iPhone it certainly does work well and could easily replace the built in YouTube app that I more commonly use. You can check it out now by opening up the mobile browser on the iPhone or on an Android device and navigating to

More details available at Google. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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