Google TV Release Date Could Be October 17

Google TV is expected to launch any time within the next month. Just a few days ago we heard information from the CEO of Intel who said that the Google TV release date was actually this month although a letter was emailed in to Engadget today that suggests that a two week delay is happening and that the launch is now October 17 (estimated). According to the document, the original release date was October 3 which had two weeks added on to it.

Of course, we are not looking at rock solid proof here and the information does go against what the Intel CEO said, but either way we can expect to see Google TV land in the US in the next 4 to 5 weeks it appears.

Will you be getting a Google TV? or will you be testing out the Apple TV? There’s certainly some good competition happening over the next month which comes from two large companies.

For more details on the Apple TV, click here. Likewise, click here for details on Google TV.

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