Google Translate iPhone App Now Supports 63 Languages

A new update for the iPhone Google Translate app is ready for download. It brings several new languages to the app which makes the total up to 63 languages supported.

The new languages added include Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

Out of the 63 available languages, 17 of them are available with voice input and the app also supports text-to-speech on 24 of the languages. We expect this to increase with each update being made available.

The updated app supports the ability to view dictionary results for single words and to display romanizations for these new Indic languages. So even if you can’t read the script the words are written in, you can still take a shot at reading the translation.

As with a lot of Google products, the Google Translate app has parts that are still beta… or alpha in this case. The new languages fall in to the category of being experimental alpha which could mean that translations are not as fluent as a final version language would be.

The update is available now in the app store for download.

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