Google Tablet in the Works

Google [GOOG] are getting in to the tablet game by creating a Google Tablet. This particular tablet computer they will be making will run the Google Android OS rather than Chrome OS and from what we hear, it will be created by Google (or perhaps as the Nexus One is… created by HTC but sold exclusively by Google).

We have heard of Google Chrome OS based tablets previously, but from what we understand now, Google is actually planning on running Android on this particular tablet. It isn’t clear if they will just run plain old Android 2.1 for example, on the tablet where everything is just spaced out more on the screen, or if a specific Android Tablet Edition OS will be made.

As well as hearing about a Google Android Tablet by Google, we are also hearing that HP are working on a new 6 inch tablet device nicknamed “the half-pint”. Other news indicates that the MS Courier is on hold till 2011 due to a dual screen device of it’s type suffering with battery issues at present. Nokia are also getting in on the game a little by creating a slate type device that will also function as an eReader.

Back to Chrome OS from Google for the moment. We are not entirely sure what Google has planned for this operating system. Perhaps they are leaving Chrome OS for netbook/laptops and using Android on Tablet devices. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more this year.

The NYT has a full run-down of what they believe is in the works for this year along with how Apple [AAPL] and the iPad have given something for other companies to think about. You can read that article here.

Via: LaptopMag

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