Google Street View Images Could be Updated every 6 Months – EU Demands

Google Street View has caused a bit of a stir from time to time as some users feel it’s a little intrusive having a camera capture pictures of your home. Generally though it seems like most people actually think it’s a cool service to use.

Google [GOOG] had plans to update the images every 12 months when the service launched although this could be reduced in the EU has it’s way. The 12 monthly updates would allow Google to capture changes in scenery and buildings that have occurred over the year. However, due to various privacy reasons the EU want it changing to the 6 months we mentioned which could lead to great expense for Google to effectively double it’s efforts to achieve the same work.

As well as dropping the retention to six months the EU also want Google to notify local news papers to warn people when the Google Street View cars are out and about allowing locals to “avoid?” the cameras.

It’s currently unclear how Google will respond to this although this is just another example of how privacy laws can vary across the world. No doubt they’ll just carry on as normal until the issue is raised again.

Via: TechRadar


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