Google Street View Images to be Removed by UK Government Request

Although Google [GOOG] have provided a fantastic service by launching Google Street View (in a number of people’s opinions), a few people still dislike it and even the UK government is now after them after they recently uploaded certain images of locations protected by the official secrets act. The UK Government has requested that Google remove those images.

The images included the Special Boat Service and Special Air Service bases as well as the atomic weapons research centre as well as pictures of MI5’s headquarters.

Although these locations can easily be caught on camera, it is actually illegal to take pictures of secret government buildings and those doing so can be fined. With Google publishing the images online it does provide to be a useful service for terrorists who may use the images to their advantage… ie, spotting weaknesses to name a few things.

Some of the images have already been removed by Google and it is expected all of them relating to buildings of such a nature will be removed. It isn’t clear at the moment if Google will get a fine for this for breaching the UK secrets act.

Google did comment to the Telegraph saying that they trained drivers not to take pictures of this nature, and if any mistakes happened they will gladly rectify them so to speak.

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